Lets Hit The Ground Running !

 Hey guys . Considering this is my first blog I thought maybe I’ll let any one out there reading this thing know little bit about me :

First of all I am not a computer coded to hack websites or ask about whether you want to play a new game that has been released . I’m as real as any human can be , with crazy dreams and a fixed mentality on learning every thing I can from this amazing world we live in and I want to save and share every important moment and lesson I learn with you guys .

So 4 weeks ago now I started back at school studying : Biology , Chemistry , Maths and Art regardless of what my peers have said to warn me away from them , due to the immense work load .But I belive we all need to set crazy challenges so we can achieve amazing results. And I was inspired by a good friend and teacher to take up blogging , so I could develop myself ( and also try and improve my spelling seeing as I’m incredibly dyslexic , but shh dont tell any one that ).


What I’m going to be blogging

My idea for this page was to help share my life and experiences as a teenager in 2016 . Concidering we are the generation in a crazy technological boom I feel like every thing seems to be just abit diffrent to all the other generations . So in a nutshell I shall be posting about the ins and outs of my life and hopefully getting though it all without too much messing up . Oh and trust me there’s never a dull moment with me. I promise .



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Hiya… saw your site at teenage blogger central… loved your posts… keep blogging!
    Xoxo Khushi


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