Living for Chris

Whats going on :

Two weeks ago tragic news hit my little family like a smack to the face . My cousin an incredibly passionate and loving mad died in a motorcycle accident , at no fault of his own . This man was my hero.He was an amazing husband .He was a father of two amazing boys . He was the only man I had ever been a bridesmaid for because he knew that my dream as a six year old was to wear a beautiful dress and feel like a princess , so even on his special day , he made me feel special . To me that is what heros are made of.

So when at the age of 30 his life was cut short , I remembered that even the greatest people can be mistreated by life . That’s when I knew regardless of age we need to do every thing we can to lead a productive and vibrant life , just like Chris did because you never know what can happen each day as you wake up.

What I’m doing about it :

So I feel like making just a few productive changes to my little life , that I know Chris would respect and be proud of .

Firstly I wastrawberrynt to be more productive with my time . This means getting a job , cutting down  my time on social media (I’m a little too obsessed) and just to stop wasting so much time being grumpy or moody or angry and just try and spend that time smiling instead .

And secondly , I want to take more care of my body . This doesn’t mean all I am going to do is go to the gym and take protein shakes or what ever . I want to take care of my body both mentally and physically , as some times i think every body neglects their mental health more than their physical . So every decision I make is happy and healthy .

These probably don’t sound like massive steps to you guys , but I know that it will turn my little world upside down (In a good way).

See you soon guys , I’ll keep you updated .


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  1. ladyfi says:

    I’m so very sorry to hear this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you xx I really mean it , that means alot


  2. sarah says:

    Hey I’m new to blogging too! and looking for blogging buddies I was wondering if you want to like support each others blogs maybe do a guest post or something? my blog is


    1. Would love to honey !xx


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