Smoking and Chunder

The smell of smoke  , sweaty bodys  and sick is lingering around the room like a damp fog and I’m dreaming of getting out of this place back to my clean home however the door is being blocked by two people kissing and cuddling surrounded by chunder ( not the most romantic thing I’ve ever seen).

So I am currently lying on a makeshift bed of towels and sheets because all of the beds in this place have been covered by projectile vomit and unconscious bodies . This place though isn’t a refugee camp or any thing ghastly like that . This is the aftermath of one of my friends house party’s .

Plastic cups were my dream ❤

My life during weekends and holidays are filled to the brim with nights and days like this . Which I choose to do because that’s what teenagers are supposed to do , right? Get drunk (or a little too drunk in some peoples cases) , play loud music and make out with each other. Sure its fun for a few hours . But I think I’ve had enough . Every time I wake up from one of them , I feel less human than I did before , and I never feel like I return completely to normal .

So this is my first restriction for my change : No smoking ( any thing for the record) , no drugs and no alcohol consumption to the point where I need to take painkillers in the morning .

These are big steps for me guys . Wish me luck . I’ll keep you posted . I’m still a trying teenager xx





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